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Secrets To Millionaire Marketing

Will Your Business Ever Make You Millions? Or Will You Settle For "Just Getting By"?

Make Your Next (or) First Million with Million Dollar Marketing Strategy, AI & Ads.

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Secrets To Millionaire Marketing

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Are YOU Ready To
Double Your Leads? Sales? Impact?
Business Online & Offline?

...And Achieve The Life, Freedom, And Happiness You Deserve?

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Why Secrets To Millionaire Marketing LIVE The BEST

Marketing Event For Entrepreneurs And Small Business Owners

When You Come To Live Event,

You’ll Have The RARE Chance To...

Learn from Marketing Strategy Expert, Suman S Pattar! What more can I say? She’ll be there and She’ll be teaching. Which means more money in your pocket. (Tickets are going fast...)
“Learn how to create a never-ending flow of leads—no matter what you sell”
“Know the secret to getting thousands of targeted eye- balls on your offers—on-demand!”
“Discover the key to building insane customer loyalty, endless referrals, and repeat sales for years.”
Apply NEW Growth & Money opportunities from over 10+ years experience of implementation to over 10 different industries show you the data... and give you the blueprint on how to follow the steps!
Model what’s working today! Suman showcases current working marketing strategies for e-commerce, information products, coaching, training, fitness, supplements, webinars, beauty industry, financial industry, Food & Beverage industry and more— giving you an inside peek at models to follow for almost immediate results!
Take part in networking and hang-outs with other inspiring entrepreneurs like you!

AND Sooooooooo Much More!

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Suman S Pattar
Global Citizen
Dear Entrepreneurs,

“What Are The Top 1% Of Wealthy Entrepreneurs And Small Business Owners Doing RIGHT NOW... That The Other 99% Are Not?”Not going to sugar-coat this one.

Times have changed.
Inflation is on the rise...
Gas and food prices are higher than ever...

Economists are predicting we’re headed for one of the worst recessions in history...And the online business world has CHANGED.

Good people such as yourself... are being SQUEEZED out of the competition at no fault of your own.

Ad costs are through the ROOF.
Customer reach is HALF of what it used to be.

And what worked just yesterday... is no longer working today.

It can all start to feel OVERWHELMING...

Especially if you feel like you have to “juggle it all”...
While trying to keep food on the table...

Or keep employees paid.
But I’m Here To Tell You—

The Unnecessary Business Stress... The Nighttime Heartburn... And The Non-Stop Worrying If You’re “Cut Out” For This Online Business Stuff...

All of those feelings can finally disappear when you come to The Millionaire Marketing LIVE 2024. 

That’s because Millionaire Marketing LIVE  is the ONE and ONLY marketing event for small business owners, marketers, and entrepreneurs to discover
NEW money breakthroughs...NEW marketing insights...
and NEW money opportunities!
I’ve personally worked with business owners consulting, coaching, trained in-house teams to monetize business online.

Taught and implemented the top 1% marketing strategy winners in the market are using it to stay on Top of the game TODAY...

and getting the results they want.
And you will have an unfair advantage to learn insider secrets. You can implement it in your business RIGHT NOW to...
Enjoy The Wealth, Life, And Freedom Successful Business Owners Have ... And What You Deserve! 

You’ll Get The Rare Chance To Step Inside Their Shoes...

Think Like They Do... And Experience Marketing Insight That Could Transform Your Business.


Gift yourself just ONE day in Dubai and I will personally give you today’s NEW marketing strategies... insights... and blueprints to follow, so you can potentially…

“Add An Extra AED 1M... AED 2M... Even AED 3M This YEAR!”


All the business connections you can handle...
The online marketing knowledge you crave...
The community you want...
And the leveling-up you deserve.

It’s all happening in Dubai, UAE...

Live In Dubai!

Experience One Jam-Packed Day Of Real, Actionable Marketing Advice So You Can Finally Have The Thriving Online Business Of Your Dreams!

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"Suman is by far the most professional, educated, creative and strategy builder I have ever met in my career. I just did her new Spice Up Your Instagram 2021 training and I was nothing short of blown away from the amazing content, training and tools. You are a blessing to know and a great teacher."
Dawid Dorfling- Editor: Entrepreneurs Life Magazine; Host: Entrepreneurs Life Show

"Suman is incredible. I have done many social media marketing courses before, but they werenothing like this. She makes it so easy to follow her. She delivers practical value and insider tips like you wouldn't believe. This is definitely going to help me 265x my business in 2021!"
Peter Hinaston - Chief Collaboration Officer: Explore ProTech Entrepreneurial Haven

"Born in the industrial age, but recognising the need to embrace and live in the digital marketing age, has been somewhat of a challenge or even a block for me, until I met a young lady SumanS. Pattar, a Digital Monetization Specialist, through Explore ProTech's Global Online Speed Networking Platform, who not only has the experience and expertise in this field, but speaks in a digital language that even I could understand and start implementing. I attended a 4hr workshop she presented this evening that held everyone's attention so much so that we did not want it to stop. I was absolutely blown away buy the incredible VALUE she provided, that was absolutely PRICELESS!!! If you looking to monetize your business through Digital Marketing, it is a MUST to connect with this incredibly amazing young lady.'
Steven Levy- Global Business Transformation Coach: Dare2Be Coaching and Beyond

About Suman

Suman S Pattar is a passionate Marketing Strategist with over 9 years of internet marketing experience, she has helped small and medium businesses build, grow & monetize business online. In the constantly changing field of digital marketing, it is her Mission to Empower individuals and small businesses with skills to master the critical tactics and strategies that will drive their business growth. 

Industries We have served In:

Financial | Solar EPC | Forex | Training & Consulting | Spa | Salon | Delivery Life Coaches | Solopreneurs | Hypnotherapist | Psychologists | F&B | Forex | Spiritual Trainers & Speakers | Coucellers | 

Served in 

Founder Note 

“You have to figure out what you’re genetically encoded to do”  
- Jim Collins (Author “Good To Great”)

I truly believe I am encoded to inspire lives to live their fullest potential by sharing my true passion, enthusiasm, and integrity.


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"It's Time To Monetize Your Business & Live The Dream You Deserve.."

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